Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Brief Intermission

lemon lime 30s

Hey everyone! I'm moving back to university this week so, I'm kind of slacking in the posting. We're putting new flooring in my place next Monday and Tuesday, so I might be a little incomunicado for a bit. Hopefully, I can still be around. I'll probably list that dress late tomorrow though. Also, hopefully once I'm back in my university town I'll be able to find a suitable sheet to make a fitted sheet bubble dress. The sheet I got turned out to not be suitable. I swear the gods are against that tutorial. Even so, hopefully that written tutorial will finally show up and I'll get my links updated.

Busy but Happy,
Ivy Frozen


The Seeker said...

Love your dress, you look amazing.

Good luck in university.


Ivy Frozen said...

Thanks =)