Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Korean Style in List Form

I mentioned my current preference for Korean style over Japanese style on a post of Strawberry Kitten's a while back. She asked for more info, so here it is. What can I say about Korean fashion? Most of it I pick up from Korean drama series and films. But, for this post, I did go in search of Korean street style pics. My impression of Korean style is that while it has elements of the cute like most Asian styles, they tend to combine it in a more sophisticated, grown-up way as a whole. There are always outliers. And of course, most people thinking of Asian style think of the crazier Japanese styles like fruits, Lolita, and the Harajuku district. Even considering Japan's less out-there fashion, I think Korean style tends to create longer lines than those the Japanese favor. Click the Read More! link to go to the link list with images from Korean Vogue spliced throughout.

This site apparently hasn't been updated since '07, but it has some good streetsyle pics. Some of the pages even have some japanese street style pictures, so you can see a bit of a comparison so you can see what I mean about it having some of the same kooky cutesy elements of Japanese street style but coming off more refined. And I really love all of their guy street style pictures. My dream guy dresses like those gentleman.

Here's a more current flickr pool for Korean Street Style Pics.

Street Peeper has a lovely collection of streetsyle pics from Seoul.

Your Boyhood features street shots from Seoul.

I Heart Berlin has a post featuring some colorful Korean style.

If I Kill Him There Are Complications

Images not of me taken from the Korean Vogue official site and nihilistic youth's Fashion photoset on FLickr. I encourage you to check out nihilistic's fashion set too since it has oodles of excellent pictures from Korean Vogue.

Korean Vogue is my soju,
Ivy Frozen


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this. Korean style is great... and you look so lovely :).

Shay said...

lovely and interesting post, thanks!

Paisley Girl said...

The first link you posted, the clothing there made me think of 80s fashion. I was drawn to it because I like 80s fashion. Big, bold, and bright without the big hair and shoulder pads. LOL! Very interesting compared to Japanese street fashion. And when I saw your picture I thought for a second it was from Vogue and then I was like wait that's her. LOL! Very lovely.