Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Worken Like A Dog


'ello lovlies. I'm around. Just really busy now getting ready for classes which start next week. I'm truly a child of the spring and summer, yet fall is just the one season I look forward to the most. I just love fall colors, and all the changing leaves. So, click the Read More! link to see the images that are inspiring my fall fashion.

Artfully jumbled letters as an adornment. Curtesy marc Jacobs Fall '08.

Collars on socks. Curtesy Emilio Cavallini on and the Queens

Rich monochrome starting with the hair. Curtesy of Tori Amos from her Beekeeper album.

Did I mention I love Princess Jasmine, and that she sparked my love of harem pants? However, in this image of Princess Jasmine in her spacesuit, it's all about the bodice. Expect it. This is curtesy of, where they cover quite a few of Jasmine's different outfits.

This sweater. Guy diy. This image is from the Facehunter.

Did I mention I love harem pants? I like this sleeker version of them. Unfortunately, I can't remember where this image came from. It was on another blog. If you know its origins, please share.

An Edwardian coat that I'm obsessed with. It's just the perfect coat in every way. One day, I shall recreate thee, my love. One day. I can't find the link for it right now, but I shall update when I do.

I know. Pants aren't my thing, but these ladies make the whole oversize thing look so good. And I found a pair of vintage jeans of my mom's that I like, probably because they're too big... These two ladies were spotted by Garence Dore.

And I have these. I want to wear them. Now. from Sock dreams.

Spats. They're on my to-do list.

close up

Did I mention I made a romper? It has ladybugs on it. It and the hat I'm wearing are both intended for the shop. I plan to make rompers into fall because I love the look of this sexy, fitted kind with tights, a belt, and a cropped jacket, though I have some much more Fall types on my to do list. Keep an eye out for them.

Considering marrying her sewing machine,

Ivy Frozen


Anonymous said...

I love the romper you've made! The shape is perfect! Is it a special pattern or something you did on your own?

Shay said...

love your blog and your shop! Just blogged about it and looking forward to seeing what new creations you come up with...

Ivy Frozen said...

Hey, thanks you two =D

nadine, It's very diy, something I did on my own. I start with some capris, cut them into shorts and use the fabric I cut off to form the bodice. I actually kind of filmed a tutorial while building; we'll see if it's usable.

shay, oh! Thanks so much! I'll have to take a look.

Anonymous said...

I hope it's useable! I would love to make a similar romper! It's perfect!

Of course you can use my picture :).

Ivy Frozen said...

alright. I shall see what I can do with the footage. (I had to shoot it with my picture camera.) Let's see if I can strip the sound and then voice over...

Peek-A-Boo said...

Hey there, I saw your DIY romper video but I can't seem to get it. I really love all the DIY clothes you did. You're really very talented. Can you help me ?