Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hansel and Gretel


Hansel and Gretel is the story of two children who are abandoned in the woods by their parents, their plan to find their way home foiled by the forest's creatures. Thus, they encounter a candy house and a witch who tries to eat them. That doesn't work out so well for the witch, who is shoved into the oven by the children before they go off to live happily ever after. Yah, this isn't THAT Hansel and Gretel. I'm talking about a Korean movie made in 2007 that goes by Hansel and Gretel in English. Pretty costumes ensue. Click the Read More! link to see them.

This Hansel and Gretel is about a young man who finds himself stranded in the woods after he spins off the road to avoid hitting something. He meets a girl who leads him back to her house. Her house, family, and she are all just a tad weird. To top it off, there seems no way our hero's going to make it out of the woods...

The story of Hansel and Gretal while not identical to this film plays an important role, and many of the elements of the story do make an appearance.

The costumes in the movie are this sort of preppie fairy tale. A very preppie look with a hint of magic to them. The kids of Narnia would look at home in these outfits, when they're in the real world anywho.

The girls wear some sweat Victorian by way of 60s-70s reminiscent frocks, perfect inspiration for the upcoming season.

The boy's clothes are more distinctly preppie.

I really love the silhouette of big slippers worn with a straight skirt. I also just like the bunny slippers.

There are a lot of bunnies in the house. After watching the movie, you may find yourself needing bunnies like I do. That Beatrix Potter type.

The film inspired the child within me to create today's outfit.


Sorry, it's too hot for 70s victorian. We went for something a little cartoony and childlike instead. It is cool enough for socks though now, yay!

Abandoned in the art building,

Ivy Frozen


Shay said...

I love Korean movies and their specatular attention to detail!! Going to see "The Good, the Bad and the Weird" at my local film fest next week.

Ivy Frozen said...

I discovered Korean dramas with A Jewel in the Palace and have been hooked to them ever since. Excellent films and dramas. I'll have to check that movie out...

Emily said...

Beautiful costumes! Expecially the blue collared dress that the older girl is wearing... want!

Ivy Frozen said...

Oh yes, that one's my favorite. I mgiht just be inspired by it...