Sunday, September 28, 2008

Playsuit/Romper from Old Lady Capris Tutorial

I finally got off my lazy bum and uploaded it, cuzzah! And it's on youtube this time, so free viewing for all. I kind of freaked out at the end which is why I didn't show how to make the straps and the upper bust. I winged those since my bodice turned out too short for my liking because I over-hemmed the top and these capris might not have been as highwaisted as the last pair I used. I aso didn't include detailed instructions on inserting a invisible zipper and using the invisible zipper foot, hemming, etc. because I felt those deserved tutes of their own. I do have some footage, so I could create tutorials of those if you want. Oh, and I seem to have developed a lisp. Did I always have a lisp?

The romper/playsuit in the video is staying with me. I can't get the stain on the straps out and since I did a lot of firsts with it, it's not as polished as I like my stuff to be. Maybe I'll eventually get to making the rompers I want for the shop. I want a long metal non-separating zipper though. There must be one somewhere...

Oh, and my blog is displaying funky for me right now. One of my posts is missing and the comments from it lifted to my post on Dr. Walker preventing those comments from showing up, so I'm unable to respond to your comments on that post right now, thoguh I thank you all for your comments. And since you seem to like that one, I'll maybe do some more fashion in history posts.

Trying to accomplish so much in so little time,
Ivy Frozen


Paisley Girl said...

Loved this. You have the mind cranking now thinking how I can use the old pants I shrunk out of to make a romper like that. Great tutorial.

Anonymous said...

wow what a great tutorial :). I hope I can make my own pair soon! Thank you sooo much!

Inge Dorien van der Deen said...

I really love this playsuit! I'd like to make one on my own, but I can't seem to find the different tutorials or an explanation about the bust/zipper/etcetera... Could you help me with this?

Awesome idea!!

Inge :-)