Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Under Construction

Swan Lake3

Silent this week while I work on the websites. Codes should be fixed on the blog now, yay! Let me know if you're still having trouble. Feedback on the current main site would also be appreciated as I buckle down and work on a html version. Let me know what you like and don't like, please!

Figuring out her codes,

Ivy Frozen
P.S. Wearing:
metamorphose top and skirt
baby the stars shine bright shoes
and clairs socks

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How to Coordinate Like a Boss Part 1: The Golden Rule

Polkadot Punk 11

Hello, children. Today I want to talk to you about something very important: your bodies...

...and how you dress them! It seems many people are very insecure about putting outfits together, especially when they're trying to do a particular style such as lolita. Therefore I thought it might be nice to do a series of posts on putting outfits or coordinates together. I'm going to focus on dressing in the lolita style and vintage style since I think those styles go together well, and I happen to like those styles. That doesn't mean this series can't be useful if you aren't interested in those styles. I'll be going over some principles of art and design that anyone can gleam inspiration from. Hopefully, those new to the styles will gain some confidence, and those old pros of the styles will discover some new tricks. Today we'll start off with the golden rule. So click the jump so we can get this party started.

The golden rule is to look nice and flatter yourself. This rule supersedes everything else. You can break many rules in a style as long as you come out looking awesome. Don't get too caught up with trying to create a lolita or vintage look or whatever style you're going after and forget that. In most styles, that is the key to working it. Also, everything you do doesn't have to be in that style. If you have a dress specifically for that style, it doesn't mean you always have to wear it in that style. Here's a handy flowchart to help you get dressed in the morning:

How to make an outfit flowchart

Partying like it's 1985,

Ivy Frozen

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011



Check out the sample sale going on this week in the shop. New items will be added daily. $30 dresses. They aren't up to my current standard, but they're certaiunly wearable and won't fall apart on you. And they look nice =) Certainly worth $30. Hurry over if you've been eyeing something before it's gone!

The above dress won't be making a full appearance yet, but it's more of a teaser on upcoming things =)

Doing out with the old!

Ivy Frozen

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Snow White and Rose Red

red riding hood dress preview

I'm working on a fall* collection for you all inspired by the story of Snow White and Rose Red. But I'm expanding the story a bit; Snow White is also the Snow White of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves fame and Rose Red is also Red Riding Hood. Here's a quick sneak peak of one of the dresses in it, though this isn't the final version.

Working away,

Ivy Frozen

*Don't worry! I'll continue to offer my usual spring and summer things and I'll still be accepting custom orders. =)

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Take to the Sky

I haven't posted my creations in a while, in part because I didn't have a song to use. Health and other issues have kept me from listening to music as much as I usually do. =( Music is the one art I don't do at all, but it also has the biggest impact on me. I usually have a song in my head, but this time I didn't. Luckily, Tori has come to the rescue again. She has a song for everything, and I'm excited to see her again in December. For this post, I've selected "Take to the Sky." I think it's very relevant to both this blog and myself at this point in time. I'll give you all credit and let you determine what the song is about.


this House is like Russia

Beatrix Potter

with eyes cold and grey...

Blue Unicorns18

You got me moving in a circle

Snow White Shoot Apple

I dyed my hair Red today.

Fun House 2

I just want a little passion

babette 3

to hold me in the dark...


I know I've got some magic

Snow White Big Top Heart



in my heart,



Cinderella Dress5

but my priest says,

The Tartan Soldier

"You ain't savin' no souls."


My father says,

The last Unicorn

"You ain't makin' any money."

giraffe skirt2

My doctor says,

Queen Serenity

"You just took it to the limit."

The Brown Queen

And Here I Stand

Tarten Soldier5



with this sword in my hand!

Beauty and the beast set3

you can say it one more time

Tarten Soldier2



Let Me Hear It One More Time


and have a seat while I

Benjamin Bunny

take to the sky.

frog princess

take to the sky.


to the sky

beach bunny3

my heart is Like the ocean...

Nautical Set55

it Gets in the way...

Winter Sky9

so close to touching Freedom!

Rose Red13

then I hear the guards call my name.

Clocks Back

but my priest says,

Rose Red10

"You ain't savin' no souls."

Mermaid Forest6

My father says,

She's a Lady6

"You ain't makin' any money."


My doctor says,

Western Masterpiece15

"You just took it to the limit."


And Here I Stand.


with this sword in my hand.

Rose Red7

you can say it one more time...

tropical skirtini23

what you don't like.

tropical skirtini5

let me hear it one more time

Valentine's Sweatheart

and have a seat while I

tropical skirtini12

take to the sky.


take to the sky-y

Nautical Set30

take to the sky-y

Blue Unicorns1

if you don't like

Mermaid Forest4


Nautical Set65

just a little

Cinderella Dress9

why do you

Blue Unicorns21


Mermaid Forest9

there she goes again

tropical skirtini30

wearing those purple panties

Nautical Set5

there she goes again

Western Masterpiece1

wearing her heart

Blue Unicorns27

there she goes again

nautical maiden1

Why do You

Blue Unicorns14

take it,

Blue Unicorns20

take it,

Jungle Boogie2

take it?

--"Take to the Sky" by Tori Amos

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