Saturday, June 27, 2009

Great Expectations


I've never read the book. Though the plot sounds awesome, no doubt Dicken's absurdly long sentences and flat characters will annoy me too much. I'd been meaning to watch the '98 film version of the movie since my all time favorite artist Tori Amos did some of the music for the film, including one of my favorite songs of all time, Siren. When I saw it was airing on t.v., I had to watch. The first part of the film drew me in with it's ethereal shots of young Finn and Estella and the crazy Ms. Dimsmoor (Havisham). But when the film progressed to Ethan Hawke and Gwyneth Paltrow, it started going downhill in all areas. Click the Read More! link to see photos and a trailer.

If Ivy Frozen was based on a historic figure, it would be Estella from Great expectations. Estella is very much like Ivy Frozen, especially when decked out in green and living in a house overrun by plants as in the '98 film. She's assertive, lively, ladylike, confidant, and unconventional, yet she's also passive, cold, masculine, and bound by society. I've talked about the meaning of my internet name elsewhere, but I'm fairly certain I haven't done it on this blog yet. Ivy Frozen is derived from Poison Ivy--as played by Uma Thurman-- and some ivy filler plants covered with frost that I saw outside my window. Frozen Ivy was then switched around to sound more like a real name, as the name first appeared as a penname on a writing site. The name has endured since it suits me. A teacher once told me I was like an iceberg, with the vast majority of my content underwater and unseen. I'm also often perceived as cold and snobbish like Estella, and hand trouble with relationships until I found my Finn who's sticking for the moment.

As this blog points out, Miss Havisham (book)/Dimsmoor (film) is one awesome, cooky old lady. She's the revenge of bitter old maids anywhere. After being abandoned at the alter at the tender age of 45 (in the film), Ms. Dimsmoor went crazy. In the book and more faithful adaptations, she wears nothing but her wedding dress and walks around unkempt while making random demands. In this film, she turns to clownish, 60's make up that makes her resemble a Bratz doll, and various green 60s-70s ensembles that match her house that is overrun by her garden. The further put Carrie Bradshaw to shame, Ms. Dimsmoor makes it her purpose to raise Estella to be a beautiful and cold girl, destined to break many men's hearts.

Finn is unwittingly caught in the middle of things that occurred before he was even born. I love the young Finn dressed in green as he visits Paridiso Perduto, as the green really brings out those gorgeous eyes of his. This is a simple trick for a guy to do or even a girl to look stunning, even in rags or your work-out clothes. The picture I included with this post demostrates that with my brown eyes, I like great in brown. Unfortunately, my hair and glasses obscure my eyes.

Here's the trailer so you can see some more of the outfits.

Not so Great Expectations,

Ivy Frozen

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