Monday, July 20, 2009

Is it Wrong?

Is it wrong that I like to look at the shoes on costume sites? Is it wrong that I desire many of the shoes to wear everyday, not in costume? Is it wrong that I feel that way about some of the actual costumes too? Although with costumes it's usually a piece or two from it, since costumes are usually made poorly with terrible materials and fit.

And here is the rest of it. x

Bordello is an offshoot line from Pleaser, designed to appeal to Burlesque performers and pin up girls. I pretty much love the whole line, but here's a few of my favorites.







I couldn't resist and bought the Bordello- Whimsey boots in red. They are the most perfect boots ever. Apparenty, the style is similar to the pair Violet wore in the A Series of Unfortunate Events movie. Violet has good taste. Unfortunately, it is etirely too hot to wear them out. So hot, everything's falling apart and melting around here. So hot, even I don't want to put on a dress and would rather walk everywhere in a bikini. It is hot. Look for them this fall.

Ivy has good taste too, or so she thinks,

Ivy Frozen

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Giveaway: BB Dakota

Vampires are alive

A while a ago, I realized I had no LBD's, despite constantly buying dresses in blue or other colors because I had so much black in my wardrobe. Realizing this great oversight, I set out to correct it. And here's your chance to correct this oversight in your own closet or just to add to your steadily multiplying LBD collection. Chick Downtown is anxious to give one of you this dress. Click the Read More! link to find out how to get a free dress.

This LBD is made by BB Dakota, the people who made Bella's jacket from Twilight. We can't hold that against them though since they do make some cute stuff, including this dress. It's perfect to dress up or down or anywhere in between; a perfect piece to carry you through your day.

To win the dress, just live in the US* and leave a relevant comment on this post by July 25th. You've got 2 weeks. Comment on the post, my blog in general, Chick Downtown, tell me you want the dress. Anything that's relevant by 6 degrees of seperation or less.

Chick Downtown has a lot of cute stuff too, like their stuff from Loeffler Randall and Current/Elliot, so be nice and check it out. Loeffler Randall has some ethereal, floaty looking pieces that look like they hang well. Current/Elliot is all about the denim. They even stock vintage. Join their mailing list for a free $50 giftcard. Hellz yes. I mean, ergh... Well that is what I mean.

Be sure to check out their Twitter and facebook pages and follow them if you like them.

Is it YOUR day in the sun?

Ivy Frozen

* Sorry international readers; your day will come.

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Thursday, July 9, 2009


tropic of 70s 2

So it seems the lolitas are winning me over a bit. I mentioned the lolita's before, and how I felt their style was akin to mine while not being mine. But after making a more tuned down lolita dress for a friend of mine, I find myself wanting to add lolita details to my own dresses. While I'm inspired by the full on Japanese Lolita looks, I find myself wanting to try a sweet American Lolita look. American lolita, true to American sportswear, is simpler. More minimalistic, but still really cute. Many of the staples of lolita are things I already wear: bell shaped skirt, bloomers, sweet headwear. Why not try a whole lolita look? I haven't made the jump yet, but Lolita and the Victorian Era have definately been on my mind. Click the Read More! link to take a look at how that inspiration has translated and to see me slowly creeping closer. And check back tomorrow for a give away and diy tips for when you screw up.

The Loli's are COMING!

me made

In the night,

me made lolita dress

the loli's stalk...

Re Degli Elfi

N i g h t m a r e C r e a t u r e s

belle epoch

With black holes

little april showers

for Hearts.

my loli dress

Cutesy bows,

Black Rose

Glowing red eyes

fly dancer

Feasting on BUMS who sleep in the park

Franternal Twins

The Loli's are coming

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum

so be Aware

Steel Magnolias

The loli's are coming

Swing 2

touch one

The Dwarves' Mine

if you dare


The Loli's are coming


you can't turn the tide


The Loli's are coming!


There's nowhere to hide.

my first lolita dress

I made all the dresses I'm wearing as well as the above dress my blond friend is wearing. The pictures of her in that dress are hers from Fanime.
Lolita Lovin',
Ivy Frozen

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