Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Clara Bow's Thighs

Like any person, I have insecurities about my body. And when I'm experiencing one of those moments when nothing about me seems right, I like looking at popular, old sex symbols. The women considered the beauties of their time. It might sound creepy, but I especially like seeing their thighs. Having chicken legs myself, with larger upper thighs and going down to narrow ankles and feet, it's nice to see these curvy ladies being celebrated and not called fat by magazines or being airbrushed to within an inch of their humanity. These images make me more comfortable with my body, but also leave me a little sad. I can't see many off these women being cast as leads today, instead being relagated to the kinky/quirky friend role, unless their weight was an important part of the character.

the little mermaid

I don't let my insecurities bother me in the long run. I like short shorts-- sometimes dangerously short shorts-- because long shorts tend to rub against my knees. I notice a lot of runners seem to also prefer the short short, likely for similar reasons as my preference.

Little Mermaid Play Set Montage

I didn't like the picture above since it isn't the most advantageous view of my thighs in keeping with the media's view, but the more I look at it, the more I like it. I couldn't imagine my thighs any other way without looking frankensteined together and having hip bones sharper than this model. Not that there's anything wrong with them, but those are some sharp hip bones.

Bells for Her

This play set won the Project Threadbanger April Challenge. If you haven't been to Threadbanger in a while, you should check out their new look. They're moving up.

The Little Mermaid,
Ivy Frozen


ladyjanewriter said...

Oh, that outfit is so adorable!!!

As a woman of thigh-age, I can definitely confirm that LOTS of men love thighs and booty. Sometimes they say, "I don't know what's wrong with me, I just love a girl with big thighs and a big butt."

Maybe nothing's wrong with you, fellas? :0)

Erin said...

Amen! I am in the same body situation and I love your words.

Ivy Frozen said...

ljw, men definately love my booty and thighs. Honestly, it usually causes trouble when I show them off. I had included that in the post, but I took it out since I didn't want to sound conceited and didn't serve much purpose in the post. O! & thanks!

Erin, thanks =)

halie said...

oh my goodness i just want to say that you have beautiful legs! i would kill to have your body, being someone with big breasts and a zero booty i just want you to know that i am jealous:) i myself have chicken legs but trust me you do not!! please please take advantage of your gorgeous figure you are perfect! not anywhere close to fat but not so skinny that you look like a boy, ideal:)