Monday, August 18, 2008

Rainbows and Clouds


New dress! The fabric is the clouds from Toy Story. They rather resemble popcorn though too. This is a test of a new pattern and new techniques I hope to use on future dresses for the shop. I used shirring for the first time, along the back panels. This will allow me to make larger (and smaller) sizes and ensure a nice fit, even if you aren't shaped like me. Otherwise, to ensure the fit without the smocking/shirring, you'd have to request a custom from me. I orginally found a smocking tutorial over at Kuky Ideas, but my first attempt didn't go so well. When Threadbanger finally posted their own tutorial, and I saw others had no problem with it, I kicked myself into gear and gave it another go. I'm satisfied with it this time, but I still need to test it's durability etc. If it passes my tests, I'll be offering larger sizes and even better fits in my etsy shop soon, hurray! But I'm keeping this one cause it's too perfect for my major (3d animation, basically) and isn't quite up to my standards for stuffs I sell, being the tester. Like this dress but can't wait until I make this style available in the shop? Or you just don't have the money to buy from me? Click the Read More! Link to find out where you can get a similar pattern for free!


Get your free patterns here! Modern Sewing Patterns is a site chock full of free patterns you can print out and use. The site design isn't the best. You face clicking every link in a list with such descriptive names as "# 5520 Dress" in the dress category in the dress category alone to find a pattern that doesn't look like something Queen Amidala rejected. I haven't actually used any of them, but I did save a couple to my computer to try out later. There are a few nice nice patterns mixed in among the galaxy queen ones. Many have parts that can be used, even if the whole design isn't to my taste. So, give it a look. At the very least, you can make entertain yourself coming up with stories and captions for the women in the pattern drawings.

This dress is similar to the ones I make. Click on the picture to go to the page where you can download the pattern for free. For my size, small, I usually use a little less than two yards on my dresses. I don't think anyone will really need more than three yards. To be safe, you might want to look at the envelope of a similar pattern online or at your local sewing supply store to see how many yards they suggest for your size.

As I haven't used their patterns, I can't vouch for how good this pattern is. Let us all know if you do use any pattern for their site.

Toy Story

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Ivy Frozen


Anonymous said...

This dress is awesome! I love the pattern. Is it one of your own patterns or did you bought it?

fröken lila said...

thank you so much for the link to that site - even though most patterns are.. well. i found one or two really nice ones, so thanks again!!

The Seeker said...

Really great dress.

Ivy Frozen said...

Thanls ladies!

nadine, I made it myself, though I did look at Simplicity 4070 to help figure out the bodice. Why anyone needs an inch and a half of ease in the bust of a fitted dress I'll never know.

froken lila, I know what you mean about the patterns. They do have a few good ones though, including a coat pattern that isn't available in my size yet.

the seeker, thanks =)

WendyB said...

Adorable dress.

Ivy Frozen said...

Thanks wendyb =)

Gigi said...

Hi! I just stumbled across your site looking for patterns (via youtube). I absolutely love your blog and sewing skills and am trying to learn a it from your tutorials. :) LOvely dress!!

And thanks so much for sharing the site. I've been searching like crazy , for months for sewing patterns.

Carla said...

Hi! This dress is very beautiful! But I cannot download the pattern :(

Dernhelm said...

where did you get the fabric?