Tuesday, August 12, 2008

High Rise

high rise

I finally managed to score some high waisted shorts that I adore. They're nice and stretchy to keep my patooty covered though my less ladylike adventures, much like the romper I made. They are also denim! If you take a look at my style , coming up on a period of two years, you'll see that my last pair of denim higher-waisted shorts quickly overran all my other shorts to become my favorite pair. Thus, to celebrate this momentous occasion, I've done a faux photoshoot. Click the Read More! link to view the best results.

Where do you go, my lovely?

Where do you go my lovely

My argyle in the rough?

Diamond in the Rough

You have such long legs...

Daddy Long Legs

But cats don't dance.

Cats Dont Dance

Sorry about the terrible lighting. All of the images look better if you view them larger. Just click on them to be carried to their flickr home and then click All Sizes by the little magnifying glass above them. I'm working on some pretty dresses for you (and one for me =) that will probably be listed Thursday. I've been in a rather creative mood lately, hence all the poetry. The more insane I am, the better for you; just means I'm engrossed in my projects.

Sewing pretty stuffs,
Ivy Frozen


Anonymous said...

Those pants have the most gorgeous fit ever!

The Seeker said...

You look great :)


Ivy Frozen said...

Thanks you two =) And normally I don't like pants from the store I bought them at cause the fit doesn't curve enough for me.

♥ Claire said...
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Johnalyn said...

Hi, I've been searching sooo hard to find shorts like yours...did you make them or did you find them somewhere?If you could please email me at johnalyn_07@hotmail.com...THANKS SO MUCH!!!

Anonymous said...

where DID you find those adorable shorts?? please email me letting me know at princesssweetheart1001@yahoo.com i've been looking for a pair!

majoolie said...

hiii those shorts are sooooo adorable where did u bye them plz let me know at majolietchoumi@aol.com thnx a lot

majoolie said...

hii i love the pics and the shorts. i just wanted to ask were u got them plz let me kno at majolietchoumi@aol.com thnx a lot

Anonymous said...

i want pants or shorts like this. but i dont want to spend a lot of money on them.
please tell me where i can find some for cheap.
email: monkeycakes_10609@yahoo.com