Thursday, January 8, 2009

Think Pink!

hats off

Ah, spring is in the air and I'm thinking of pastels, nudes, and pinks. There was a time when I wouldn't be caught dead in pink, that hated symbol of Barbie and mainstream. While I have been reconciled to the color- it can be very pretty and looks good on me--I'm still very picky about pink shades. Pink can easily get to be too much for me; head to toe pink in the same shade is one of the few fashion things I can't stand. A girl was in front of me as I walked to campus wearing a hot pink jogging suit. It just bothered me; I had to walk faster so I could pass and not have to stare at the hideous concoction any more. Very few things effect me that much, even uggs, but just so much of that color and so bright I couldn't look away. That has little to do with this post though. Actually, this post has to do with Kay Thompson in Funnyface.

Funnyface was far from Fred Astaire's or Audrey Hepburn's greatest films. As far as I'm concerned, Kay Thompson stole the show. I especially love the opening number for the film, which I've found on youtube and posted below. Pay particular attention to the end, when the man says that Kay is the first woman he's seen in for months not in pink and her response.

I suppose Fred and Audrey didn't have a chance after that firmly sealed Ms. Thomson into my favorites list. I love all her shoes and clothes in the movie, and hope to be as graceful when I'm older.

Look how graceful and sprightly she is next to the kinda awkward Audrey:

On that note, I love how all the women walk in this movie, with the hands. Gene Kelly does a good impersonation of them in Anchors Aweigh.

But, More Reasons to Love Kay... Besides her role in Funnyface, Kay Thompson is also the autheress of the Eloise series of children's stories as well as a night club performer, Liza Manelli's godmother, a voice coach to the stars, and she arranged the music for many of MGM's musicals. She' was born in 1908 and died in 1998.


Ivy Frozen

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Thursday, January 1, 2009

I Believe I Can Fly

wanna know a secret

Think of the presents you've brought...

straight on till morning

Any merry little thought...

kissame saint cloud

Think of Christmas, think of snow

2nd to the right

Think of sleigh bells; Here we go!
Like a reindeer in the sky...


You can fly! You can fly!

cloud 9
You can fly! You can fly!

you can fly

You can fly



Soon you'll zoom all around the room

you can fly

All it takes is faith and trust

pick out your cloud

But the thing that's a positive must

I can fly

Is a little bit of pixie dust

god sometimes you just don't come though

The dust is a positive must...

cloud dancer

You can fly! You can fly!
You can fly! You can fly!
You can fly!

think happy thoguhts

When there's a smile in your heart


There's no better time to start

cloud hopper

It's a very simple plan

take wing

You can do what the birdies can


At least it's worth a try...

take flight

You can fly! You can fly!
You can fly! You can fly!

cloud jumper

[ You Can Fly! You Can Fly! You Can Fly!]
Happy New Year everyone! Get used to those wings because you'll be seeing a lot of them on me in the new year. One, well, two of the cheapest presents I received for Christmas, and they're probably my favorite. Best friends rule! I'm also sporting new mary janes. I'll reveal the rest of my Christmas loot on 3 Kings Day. (January 6th, the 12th day of Christmas.)
High on life (or possibly vicodin),
Ivy Frozen
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