Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Product Review: Renegade Craft Fair

black and blue and white and wind

While I was being a renegade on this blog, I visited the Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco the Sunday before this past Sunday. I wanted to go when I heard about it, then I flip-flopped to not wanting to go for various reasons. But then, I heard the Threadheads were going to be there so I had to go. Click the Read More! link to find out more about my experience.

So, the fair. It was smaller than I thought it was going to be. They had a huge banner up on the wrong building. One building back and two to the side was the real craft fair, in a dark warehouse. My sister and I weren't sure we were in the right place until we located the Renegade Craft Fair banner hidden behind the crowd on the front of the Etsy table. From pictures I located online, looks like the fair had done good business on Saturday, meaning a lot of the sellers had downsized their booths. My sister located a map and we set off.

Me & Rob @ Renegade

Coincidentally, one of our first stops was the Threadbanger booth. They had a ton of secondhand fabric and three sewing machines so visitors could build their own bags. Totally the best booth at the fair, though it's hard to compete with that. My sister completed her first sewing project ever; she was so excited. I was more excited about getting to meet Rob, even though I was too shy to say much. He's just as mellow in person as on Threadbanger. Good thing my sister brought her camera because like the genius I am, I forgot mine. Corinne wasn't there on Sunday because she had gotton a call back for Project Runway. I hope that went well for her. I had been looking forward to meeting her too though.

While we were hanging out at the Threadbanger booth, the reason I wanted to go on Sunday started: Mucca Pazza. Their name wasn't on the flier, but I knew a steam punk marching band had to be awesome. They were. They had so much fun playing, which equaled fun for the audience too.

We All Fall Down

After that, I was a lot more jazzed about the fair. My favorite products? These awesome clock face necklaces with little charms. The clocks didn't actually work, which I found a charming spin. One booth had a sewing machine pendant necklace which I also wanted, but it wasn't worth to me what it was to the seller. But, my absolute must have for the fair was a cow skull pin by JB Lowe. I wanted it so badly, but unforutunately, he only accepted cash and I didn't have enough left in cash after unforeseen travel expenses. There was only one atm at the event, which quickly went out of order. So, I left without a pin. He said he was planning on opening an etsy shop soon, so I'll be waiting.

Renegade Loot

Since I couldn't get the pin, I settled for a cute wallet/coin purse hybrid by Amies instead. I needed a new wallet, and this is a perfect. I also picked up some free lute from the Threadbanger and Burdastyle Booths.

My ultimate review of the fair: I think it lacked "Wow!" power, perhaps because it was Renegades first time in San Francisco or perhaps because I went on the second day when many sellers. Looking at the sewn goods made me feel better about mine. I didn't buy any because I didn't like how the sellers just let the ends of their sewing lines go wherever, instead of keeping them straight. (I try really hard with that in my sewing, though I understand if they're rushing to build a lot of product for a show why they'd do that. Really doesn't effect the outside of the garment.) They had a lot of screenprinters and artists; I was disappointed that none of the artists seemed to have magnets. I was also disappointed that there was only one place to get food. I would have liked to see some crafty food. All in all, it was a good fair, but just lacked that extra oomph that would have made it perfect, although Mucca Pazza very nearly made up for that. I give it 7 ivy leaves out 10 and look forward to seeing how they improve next year.

Making like a renegade,
Ivy Frozen
P.S. Since I forgot my camera and my sister had some diffuculties with hers, I had to seek some photos out on the web. Click pictures to be carried to their source.

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