Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Lost Projects

Gardenia Spread

The dress is done! I've completed a few projects that haven't been written up here so a project and thus image heavy post follows. This baby will be up in the shop tomorrow.

gardenia belt con doby

I love these breezy dresses in the hot summer months. This is my latest tent dress made from a skirt. It's made with this awesomely breezy material that moves like a dream. I wanna call it chiffon, not really sure if that's right or not though. It is dry clean only so be forwarned and has a few not really noticeable spots on it. It's so lovely though and can be worn with either side in front. This side in front is advisable though if you don't have anyone to help you do up the button. Yes, that's a button at center front in this view.

Gardenia in the hood

It's really fun to play with. It's lined since the top layer is sheer beyond decency.

Wild Thang

I also promised you all this romper. I completed it last week. Since I couldn't get the sides of the bodice to match up perfectly at the zipper, I'm keeping this baby for myself. It seems I didn't cut it quite right either. Really though, the flaws with this little darlin are only noticeable by people looking for them pretty closely. Easily wearable.

Sick Sick

I made it from some thrifted capris. They had this amazing print that I knew would be perfectly showcased on a romper.

Mew Mew

I hope to make some rompers for the shop later. I might have to remake my pattern though if it turns out my cutting wasn't the issue. I suspect it's my cutting, thoguh my pattern pieces are kinda mangled.


It's pretty and comfy since it's stretchy. After wearing it, I see the appeal to rompers now. I can run around without fear of flashing anything. I can hang upside down, sit on my hips, etc. without fear of being exposed. I wish I had more of this fabric to make a matching skirt. It should be noted of course that rompers are not for the weak of bladder. They're not the most restroom-friendly items.

Musical Chairs

The last item is this skirt. I made it from and old dress of le Sabre Kitty's. I took the neckline off of the dress to create the band for the skirt. I think I'll shorten it though, since I tend to wear shorter skirts more than my long ones.


It is lovely long though.

Slaving--er--Sewing away,
Ivy Frozen


Anonymous said...

Ooooh this is great! Love the fabric. And of course you're allowed to use my pictures.

Ivy Frozen said...

Thanks x2 =)