Thursday, July 24, 2008

New Stuffs

purple people eater front vogue

I've been on a floral kick lately with all my creations. And I've been sewing, sewing, sewing. Click the Read More! link to view some of the results, if you haven't already spied them.

unicorn flowers front2

First completed was this little skirt, made from a pillowcase.

unicorn flower 3-4

It's a little tight on me, but loosens up with wear. Besides, I like a tight waist. It has a yellow zipper and yellow biastape covering the waist seam. I even put some stiff interfacing in the band and did actual gathering [instead of hand pleating] for the first time! It has two rows of stitching on the hem to keep it secure and look good. I love this little skirt. The pattern reminds me of unicorns.

queen of roses collage

I made this tank from a plain white shirt. It takes care of your bra flashing through. Plus, it's made out of soft, tee shirt material with no ribs. I made the bib and riffle detail from the left overs of the capris I used to make my romper; the fabric has some stretch to it. The bottons are from the left over part of a dress I turned into a skirt a while back. I love this tank too.

purple people eater side full

Last is this delicious little dress. It's my newest creation made from a thrifted skirt. I tried a bit of 50s Hawaiian dress style with it, but I made my neckline differently and didn't gather it. It's purple with gold-green leaves and blue flowers on it; a gorgeous combo. The halter ties in the back and connects the dress under the bust. It's a full skirt but not a full circle skirt, pleated at the waist. It should show up like this one with a crinoline underneath. The fullness I love without fear of a Marilyn moment.

purple people eater full

It was a pain to make though; the fabric was one of THOSE that just doesn't want to behave right. It's a really soft and comfy rayon though.

Loving all her creations and partially hoping they don't sell so she can keep them,

Ivy Frozen

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