Monday, June 30, 2008

The White is a Lie!

Primavera Victoriana

All throughout my childhood I bought into the lie. White is the basic color of underwear, the color you should have the most of, the smart choice. White was the basic color of bras and you should have mostly white bras and a black one for those mysteriously see-through black tops. But I tell you all today that that is a lie. Nude should be your color of choice for underwear.

I'm tired of being lied to and coerced into buying white panties and bras. Panties only come in packs of white or multi-colored/patterned ones. While I love a pair of orange knickers as much as the next girl, but some garments just require something else. That something else is nude.

Why nude instead of white? White shows conspicuously through even light colored garments, making it about as good as a colored or patterned pair. I'd rather have a fun color or pattern than a plain white bra or panties, especially since the colors can avoid that dinginess particular to older whites. Nude underwear blends in with your skintone better, thus being good under anything. They avoid dinginess and fading the best out of any color you can get your unmentionables in. You can even toss the black bra. Nude is the only color you need. So why are they not available in packs?

In this, the current world, where fabrics are at their cheapest and thinnest, nude is a girl's best friend.

All we need is nude,
Ivy Frozen

Paid for by the lobby of fashion rebels for packs of cheap, nude underwear.

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