Thursday, June 19, 2008

Vogue Italia's July 2008 Issue

I've always loved Vogue Italia and Steven Meisel, since I discovered them about a year ago anyways. Vogue Italia appealed to me much more than American Vogue, and Mr. Meisel's Vogue Patterns shoot was amazing. It was that editorial that led me to both of them. Imagine my joy this afternoon to discover on Bunnyshop that Vogue Italia is planning an issue using all black models in a reversal of the usual practice of all caucasian models.

My love for Vogue Italia and Mr. Meisel only grew when I read the source article in the Times. Not only will it feature black models, but "plus size"* as well. Toccara from America's Next Top Model is also slated to appear in it. Looks like I will be counting my pennies to pick up this issue in the states. Maybe that'll prove that black models will sell things.

I think smoking is one of the worst things someone can do, but that photo at the top is just so cool, so I will forgive the cigarette. It was for the picture. I love all the images on the fold out cover in the second image on this page. And the last image has this funky city princess feel to it that I have random love for it. Or, it could just be about those shoes, shown off so well with the black tights.

*I put plus size in quotes since the Fashion Industry's plus size differs from my idea of it.

Images from Times Online

BTW, beware Floridians. There's a Sexual predator that goes by the name of Steven Jason Meizel that I found while trying to find that tatooed ladies shoot of Meisel's. Apparently, he also sometimes goes by Steven Meisel.

Buying July's Italian Vogue,

Ivy Frozen


Jay said...

I want this issue so bad, but have no idea where to get it{ i'll just try borders

Ivy Frozen said...

Yeah, Borders usually has the best magazine collection, including the foreign mags.