Friday, June 6, 2008

Mission Statement

Hello all and welcome to my new space. Some of you may be familiar with my old blog, If the Iceberg, but I wanted a new name, a new look, and a new place so I moved here. What do you think of my new place? I'd love to hear.

I figured I should inaugragate this blog with a mission statement of sorts so press the read more link if you'd like to read it.

This blog will focus on diy, style, and fashion much like my other blog. It'll include inspiration from other sources, such as paintings, movies, and music. They'll also be posts on my soon to open etsy shop. We don't like to limit ourselves too much here at Ivy Frozen Productions, and hopefully we'll keep you all as interested and entertained as we are. And by "we" I mean me plus my imaginary sweatshop--erg--unionized elf pals who help me sew and bring this blog to you.

My comment policy is constructive critisism, kudos, and relevant comments welcome. Spam and insults will be turned away at the door. Let's keep this a positive place, hmmm? There's enough negativity in the world.

Fresh and clean,
Ivy Frozen

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