Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Adventures in Consumerism: The Search for High Waisted Denim Shorts

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Back in the 90s, I was all about low rise. Since I have wide hips and a small waist, the cut of earlier 90s jeans tended to be uncomfortable and rub my hipbones the wrong way, since they didn't really fit me right. Remember, I'd be shopping in the kids and juniors departments which just weren't as curvy as my body was. But then, glory of glories, came the hiphuggers. Since they ended at the hips, they fit me better and how I rejoiced. If only I could do something to avoid the dreaded undie flash when I bent over. Thus, I wore belts, which kept my pants up, but crushed my poor hipbones.

Some time after that, I rediscovered my girly roots and took to dresses and skirts. Some rocket scientist discovered that many women have larger hips than waists and invented the curvy fit jean. I got into street fashion sites and fashion blogs and realized that high waists ruled and looked fabulous on me, emphasizing two of my favorite limbs as well as my waist. I've always liked shorter shorts on me, so I was thrilled when high waisted shorts walked back down the runways, like what, two years ago? And now, I find myself in search of the perfect pair for a gal for whom $100 does not equal affordable. Covetable. Take a look at the pricetag and run for it. But not, affordable. Unfortunately, it seems the cheap chic options in denim tend to compansate for more fabric on top with less on the bottom. Click read more to take a look at some specimens.
In Surburbia, it seems the point of wearing high waisted shorts is so that you can show bottom booty cleavage.

While they're beside the point, I couldn't resist the wetsuit diving stripper shorts offered by American Apparel. The highwaisted denim shorts aren't much better; most of them declined to state their inseams which are no doubt one inch or less. And I find myself rather intrigued with the ones that feature "Dog" written in colorful letters across your top bum cleavage.

This styles look more promising:

though even some of them are too short on the bottom for my taste.

Solutions? My current favorite pair of shorts started their life like this:


But then I opened up the cuff (and removed the stay stitching) for this:

Testing the water

Unfortunately, it seems my local mall is foiling my plans further by not having cuffs on their jean shorts for me to open or the shape of the shorts won't look good with an open cuff. I think I have some denim left over from my wide legged sailor trouser jeans that hopefully will be enough to make my own high waisted denim shorts. Take that, stores!

DIY spoils,
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