Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Jumpsuits, Rompers, and the Criminal Fringe

Pin-Up Mouse

I was never a fan of rompers. Bad memories of a one piece swimsuit and attempting to use the restroom with the suit wet affected my opinion of rompers more than a little bit. And the popular 70s inspired terry cloth versions did nothing but further my negative opinion of them. But then, one day, I saw an amazing sight: the lovely Sherbert Tone in a 60s playsuit. A seed was planted that day.

It matured into a fully grown tree when I wore the outfit in the picture last year around this time. It visually might as well be a romper, with the top and shorts being close enough to the same color. By the way, that's a lovely option if a) you like rompers or b) you don't want to buy a romper c) you can't buy a romper d) you're too haunted by a public bathroom experience involving and arguably caused by a onepiece e) any combination of the above reasons. It should be noted that romper is to a matching top and shorts as a dress is to a shirt and skirt combo. In other words, a romper will lie smoother with less wrinkling than a shirt and shorts combo.


The above are some rompers I have planned, hopefully with belts too. I'm working on the blue floral one right now, and I'm almost finished with it. It's made from some thrifted capris with an amazing print. Let's hope it turns out well. The green stripey one is still only an idea on my to do list and will be made from some old sheets. Keep an eye out for both of them.

Just playsuiting around,
Ivy Frozen

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