Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Maui Dresses

victorian sailor dress36

I went to Maui to visit my boyfriend's family.  I designed a couple new dresses for the trip.  I actually ended up fixing my boyfriend's mother's sewing machine and sewing them while there. Therefore they aren't the best sewn, and may still get some tweaking yet.  Click the Read More! link to see a preview of some new designs I'm working on for you all, including one for you bombshells. 

victorian sailor dress35

There's actually a toppled over ship in the background of these images of the ocean.

victorian sailor dress34

victorian sailor dress32

This dress was inspired by a regency dress I saw and a popular style of Victorian dress for girls.

Source: via Alegra on Pinterest

Source: via Alegra on Pinterest

victorian sailor dress17
I had to try and keep up the tradition of taking photos with these things in sailor dresses.

palm sarang dress14 palm sarang dress13

I finally figured out how to make a wing bust and faux sarang style dress!  This style will be available soon in store for all you bombshells.

palm sarang dress12

This is all one tree, by the way. All these photos of trees is actually just one. This banyan tree is the largest in the world, recorded anyways.

palm sarang dress11

It was pretty clean and bug free too.

palm sarang dress09

Those little hanging things grow down and some of them become the new faux trunk-like things

palm sarang dress07

I fell pretty soon after taking these. It was me or the dress.  I chose the dress and luckily managed to avoid any injuries myself.

palm sarang dress05

Oh, and I have a purse shaped like a coconut now.  It is awesome.

palm sarang dress04

We rode the train, and I got engaged. But more on that later.

palm sarang dress01

It's called the sugar cane train but there was no suger cane.

hula dress18

I made a hula dress too. It's a pretty simple, classic. It'll likely be jazzed up a bit the next time you see it.

hula dress15

A lot of famous people stayed at this hotel.  They even shot that step by step hawaiian episode here, apparently. 

hula dress14

There were giant koi in this pond, the biggest I've ever seen. They could barely keep themselves underwater.

hula dress12

The lobby of the hotel.

hula dress06

We came to the hotel to eat at this restaurant.

hula dress04

Their breakfast wasn't very good.

exotic leopard25

Another restaurant we had breakfast in.  This time, it was on a mountain.

exotic leopard24

I couldn't wear heels everywhere.

exotic leopard22

This is my exotic kitty dress.  The bodice is designed to look a bit like a wild cat's head. 

exotic leopard20

It also has a lot of very subtle kitty cat details.

exotic leopard19

exotic leopard18

exotic leopard17

The trim on the hem has little cats embroidered on it.

exotic leopard16

If you click through to the big size pictures, you can see the cats I embroidered all over the skirt

exotic leopard13

It's a pretty comfortable dress, made in a linen blend.

exotic leopard11 exotic leopard09

exotic leopard08

I also gave it a zip down the back and two pockets, making it a perfect dress for me to run errands in.

exotic leopard01

Sewing forever!

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Beth said...

Congratulations again on your engagement! :) It was great meeting you and seeing Bob again, even though it was for a very short while.

I love all of your dresses and wish I could sew half as well as you can. Can't wait to see these in your Etsy shop!