Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fashion Show--Fanime 2012


I held my first fashion show earlier this year at Fanime 2012. It was part of the Indie Lolita Designer Fashion Show. It was my first show, so I learned a lot and will be more prepared next time. Despite my failings, I was still very proud of my models and my designs. Click the read more! link to see my portion of the show. Image heavy!

Baudelaire Dress
Baudelaire 1
Baudelaire 4

Bow Peep Dress
Bow Peep Bodice 1
bow peep dress 2
bow peep dress 4
bow peep dress 5

Fairy Tale Embroidery Dress
Fairy Tale 1
fairy tale 2
fairy tale 3
fairy tale 4
fairy tale 6
Forest Dress
forest dress 1
forest dress 2
forest dress 3
Forget Me Knot Dress
forget me knot dress 1
forget me knot dress 2
forget me knot dress 3
Group Shots
Ivy frozen productions 1 Ivy frozen productions 2 Ivy frozen productions 3 Models 1
Two Videos of the Whole Show From Stage & Audience


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