Monday, October 29, 2012

Haunted Halloween Carnival Dinner

haunted halloween04

This year, the SF Lolita Halloween meet up was at Straw in SF. Click the read more! to learn more about it.

haunted halloween03

My friend was a demon and instead of a tail she opted for wings. She was very unnerved by all the trolls in the bathroom.

haunted halloween05

People arrived throughout the meet. They came by to say hi, but chose to eat elsewhere. The restaurant has no parking lot of its own and there are no parking garages nearby. Everyone managed to find parking on a Sunday evening without too much trouble, but had to park a number of blocks away.

haunted halloween27

My table mates, early on in the meet. It got fuller later on.

haunted halloween06

It was a pretty small restaurant. You can see everyone inside.

haunted halloween07

I was a witch. My inspiration was witches from fairy tales, particularly the witch queen from Snow White. That was been a popular tale and character this year in terms of movies and television. I was also inspired by actual witches, in a historical context. These witch women were smart women who often did a lot for their community. Therefore, I chose to embroider anotomical images on the dress.

haunted halloween08

The heart is center front, because that is what the evil queen wanted first from snow white. The rib cage and lungs follow, since the witch then tried to bind Snow White's lungs with a corset. The foot is by the lungs because the lungs are assciated with the legs; if you can't breathe well, you have trouble with running and such. On the other side is the skull and brain. The queen's last move was to attack Snow White through the mouth with the poisoned apple. The skull is also a symbol of death. The hand is located by the brain since the hand is associated with the brain; i.e. left or right handed and left or right brain. The bodice design is inspired by the rib cage. The faether on the hat is because the queen is also associated with the raven.

haunted halloween11

She was a grim reaper. I need to get gloves like hers.

haunted halloween15

He was a vampire. See that little bit of lace in his hair?

haunted halloween18

He could attach it to a different place on his headdress to make a lace visor. Very cool! He also made the headdress hisself.

haunted halloween31

They were the jabberwock and the Mad hatter.

haunted halloween24

I love her purse!

haunted halloween20

Everyone had a lot of fun speaking with everyone.

haunted halloween33

She got the horns off of a viking helmet and made a headband out of them.

haunted halloween29

Everyone seemed to like my dress. I was very proud of it. It made all the time I spent working on it worth it. The embroidery alone takes about 14 hours to complete. =O

haunted halloween37

Here's everyone that sat at the first table. They all arrived early or on time.

haunted halloween36

Table two was the next table started. I was going to sit there, but moved over to table three as the second table was right by the entrance to the kitchen, making it a little crowded.

haunted halloween01

As we were a large party, we had a fixed menu. We had a choice of three appetizers, three entrees, and two desserts. They also decorated our special menus with stickers. Their regular menus are fixed inside the covers of children's books.

haunted halloween44

Instead of cups, the drinks were served in jars with straws. The straws were red, which is good if you happen to have lipstick that rubs off.

haunted halloween45

The sweet tots were pretty good. They're made from sweet potatoes. Unfortunately, I don't like sweet potatoes. If you do, you'll likely like the sweet tots. These were my fiance's. I had a green salad. It was the sort with a lot of mixed greens tossed in a mild and sweet vinaigrette. It was also pretty good.

haunted halloween49

The emperor's new clothes looked lovely. I had the nerd's inspired shepard's pie. It again was something that tasted good, but the ratio of components was off, keeping it from being truly good. It needed to have more meat in it. It was large and could have fed two people.

haunted halloween carnival dinner

I enjoyed the funnel cake the most. It's a lot of little pieces so you can dip it. The chocolate sauce tasted like brownie batter. The white was a vanilla cream, and the red was a tart strawberry sauce made from real strawberries, so it had none of that horrible fake strawberry taste. You'll be disappointed in it though if you expect a traditional funnel cake. This restaurant has a fun theme and is worth a visit at least once. I don't know if I will return to it though given its location and overall middling food.

haunted halloween51

After we finished eating/were ushered out for another party, we hung around out side and took some photos.

haunted halloween50

And that's where my day ended. My group was tired from a long Halloween weekend so we all went home. You can click through any of the photos to see the rest in my flickr photo stream. Most of the photos were taken by my fiance.

haunted halloween10

Outfit deets!

dress- me made
blouse- metamorphose
hat- target with pin from chantilly added
socks- sock dreams
shoes- bobbi blue

Still working hard!

Ivy Frozen

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