Monday, October 22, 2012

Enchantilic Enchantilly

Fumiko & I
On Sunday, I met Fumiko! Fumiko is the owner/designer of Chantilly. She recently renamed the brand Enchantilic Enchantilly. Her company is still called Chantilly though. Click the read more link for more information.

Chantilly is a indie Japanese lolita brand. The brand was recently renamed Enchantilic Enchantilly. Her company is still called Chantilly though. While her dresses are manufactured, Fumiko makes pretty much all of the bows and other accessories herself, including the bows on the dresses. She also picks out all the fabrics herself too and does her best to listen to her customers. A lot of her pieces are one or few of a kind, because the fabric she uses for it can't be found again. She also does a lot of custom orders and requests as she has time, including for her non-Japanese customers. She's the first Japanese lolita brand that I have encountered that gives this level of care to customers outside of Japan. Many of her items are customer requests. She also custom dyed some fabrics to help meet customer requests. Fairly recently, she partnered with/hired an illustrator to make prints for her. Fumiko decides on the prints, and the illustrator draws them up from Fumiko's directions. Meeting her really inspired me a lot. I keep working and improving and maybe one day I'll be able to host my own brand events.


Harajuku Hearts hosted a party for Fumiko's visit. We had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory and then went back to the store for a Q&A session and to play games. Afterwards, there was private shopping time where double stamps were given out for all Chantilly purchases.

I've never been to the Cheesecake Factory, so I was excited. I suppose I expected more than it was. It was a little hard to find the restaurant. It's on the 8th floor of Macys but only a specific elevator goes up to it and it's on a weird half platform in between the 1st and second floor. It's right by one of the entrances, but as I came in a different entrance, I had to find an employee to ask. This wasn't very hard though, and I was directed to the right place. As it was lunch, I opted to have a cheeseburger and a coke. The burger patty was good, but it didn't have the proper ratio of meat, bread, and cheese so I didn't enjoy it very much. The fries it came with were salty and not much to write home about. I enjoyed the complimentary bread the most. They had a sour dough, which I didn't try, and what I believe is a pumpernickel. The pumpernickel bread was very good, though it was crushed, which I did not enjoy. It was a Sunday afternoon, so it was crowded, but still. The restroom has a nice looking design, but my local walmart has better equipment. There was a line that was very awkward due to how small it is. The line had to be blocking something.  I won't return to the Cheesecake Factory unless invited or for a special event such as this Chantilly party. It wasn't horrible, but there was nothing to make it worth a trip or remembrance.


After lunch, we went to a little park across the street and took some photos. & a few people took photos of us and with us. The people on the tourest buses were excited to see us. Then we walked back to the store and had a Q&A session. A few new items that Fumiko brought with her were introduced. That's where I learned most of the information I presented above. Her illustrator also handmakes some of the pieces, such as the utensil accessories. They're all hand painted by the illustrator.

Fumiko also expressed that she really likes when customers wear her pieces in their own way, which I do think a lot of designers enjoy.  I know with my work, I love seeing a customer wearing something.  When I make it, I have my own idea about how the item should be worn, but then a customer can take it, and turn completely on its head.  They can do something with it that I would have never thought.  The piece has now taken on a new life with its owner.  At least at the last AP party I attended where two of the designers attended, they also seemed to really like when girls made pieces from the brand their own.  It's really an amazing thing for a designer, and very inspiring.  Despite the rigid rules sometimes enforced in lolita, I think the designers at least are open to some innovation. 

Back on topic, we spent quite a bit of time on the Q&A, so we only had time for one game: old maid. I had a lot of pairs in the beginning, but in the end, I was not a winner. =( There were four winners and they happened to be all of the girls wearing blue and the one guy in attendance. Fumiko brought a special lunch tote bag for one of the prizes. While the lunch totes are available at the store, this one had lace that Fumiko added to the top herself. The other prizes were a pair of socks, a $30 gift certificate to the store, and a headband that was also like handmade by Fumiko.

brooch & chocolate

With the game done it was shopping time! She has so many amazing items, and I think so many girls at the party couldn't resist making a purchase. I was included and couldn't resist purchasing a brooch I had been eyeing for some time.  Fumiko also made some special chocolates for everyone who came.

This is probably my favorite party that I've attended by Harajuku Hearts/Angelic Pretty USA.  I've been to the big AP parties, but the smaller attendance of this event made it a little more intimate, and I talked more than I usually do.  I made a new friend, and talked to some other local girls that I haven't had a chance to talk to much.  I also really enjoyed the Q& A session, and wish they would have that for more of their guests.  I also enjoyed that it was a real lunch, instead of just a tea or other sweet snacks.  It's also maybe the 2nd one of these events where I did not have a migraine by the end.  I was worried I would have one, since I was shaking so much.  But I made it through with flying colors.   I'm really working on my health and figuring out what works for me, and I just started a new routine that seems to be working well for me.

phantom carnival

I wore a dress from the brand with a carousel print. My theme was phantom carnival, int he spirit of Halloween.  It is the 13 days, afterall.  The hat was made my a local lolita accessory maker, though I'm not sure I got her name. On it I put a little masquerade mask made by Mr. Dada, a local duo who make accessories good for lolita, mori girl, and otome styles. I got my thigh highs from socks dreams. The book purse was designed and made by my boyfriend and me. The shoes are by Bobbi Blu, a brand by the same company as Mudd. It is no longer in business.

Working Hard to one day be as awesome as Fumiko,

  Ivy Frozen


Theresa Christine said...

I love Chantilly and it was really a great experience that you got to meet Fumiko. I would be just as excited and honored to have the opportunity!

The whole party sounded like a fun and intimiate experience! I've never been to any brand party before, it's something I look forward too...maybe they'll come to the East Coast !

Your Phantom Carnival outfit is lovely and dark. I like the hat especially and the socks.

Ivy Frozen said...

Thank you! I hope they make it out there for you too. I know Tokyo Rebel in New York would sometimes have events featuring lolita designers and models, and a lot of them have been have been going to anime conventions all over the country.