Monday, December 29, 2008

Tights. Make. Sense.

Der Blaubermund

We interrupt your regular programming to bring you this public service announcement. Winter is now officially upon us. And while you many be tempted by pants, let me tell you all why tights make sense.

Two pairs of tights layered will keep your legs warmer than any pair of pants.

Ivy Taicho side

There are many different weights and types of tights. Try a pair of wool tights if the opaque pairs from your childhood don't cut it.

We Wish you a Merry Christmas

Tights can be worn under pants for additional warmth. The also provide coverage and extra ornamentation if you happen to fancy like those sorts of pants that look like they had a disagreement with a lawnmower.


Dark tights lengthen and thin your legs.

Purple People Eater

Tights allow you to wear those shorts and other summer wear well into winter.


Tights, a pair of boots, and a short, leggy number are perfect for rainy days. No more dragging around mud on your pants cuffs or wet ankles.

Rag Time

Tights can be worn in many colors and typically work out better than brightly colored pants.

I walk on the wild side

Tights are more comfortable than jeans. Tumblers, ice skaters, and acrobatics all know it. And of course, superheroes. In fact, jeans aren't really comfortable at all, but that's a conversation for another post.

Why So Serious?

Now that we've got that out of the way, a few tips on tights. If they give you a muffin top, seek out low rise varieties. They do exist.

Victoriana Lolita

If you can't stand that waistband, seek out thigh highs. Sock Dreams Long Cuffable, Scrunchable socks are one of my favs. They go ALL the way up your legs.


Also, don't just stick to plain black tights. Make your tights a part of the outfit, not just a necessity to keep you warm.

Call me Huck Finn

While I think no tights collection is complete without a black pair, seek out bright colors that fit in well with your wardrobe, and don't just default to black.

Bella Inanitas Stella

Fishnets make anything hot. The patterned variety will earn you compliments.


White tights, patterned tights, and heavier weight tights will likely make you legs look bigger. Play with proportion to get a result you like.

Wallpaper to Go

Matching your shoe color to your tights will also give you legs for days, and help with the leg stumpifying power of some tights.


If your nails tend to snag your tights, use a pair of gloves to put them on and take them off.

Texas Heiress

Tight with tights,

Ivy Frozen

P.S. I blame all typos on vicodin.


Anonymous said...

Great posting! I love tights so much :).

Happy New Year

Ivy Frozen said...

Thanks =) & a happy new year to you too!

A glance at my world said...

I loce all the tights! I just found your blog and I really like looking at all of your fashion photos. I got here from your playsuit tutorial on youtube. I want to make it, but am a little confused about how the top part is made. I would appreciate any tips you can give. Thanks :)

ladyjanewriter said...

Addie just linked this post now on her facebook. This is a genius post and I agree with everything you said! And all the pics are gorgeous.