Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Cube Revisited


It being the season and all, I decided to pay Marshalls another visit and raided their Cube section. There's definitely a quick turn over, and some good bargains to be had. They keep a good selection too, making it easy to find something for every girl's tastes. The staff is also friendly. All you last minute shoppers might consider paying them a visit. Or you might just wait and use your holiday gift money to hoard cute stuff for yourself. For a more detailed review, see my first review of the Cube here. Get more information on the Cube and where to find one here. And if there is no Marshalls with a cube near you, fret not. They have a lot of the same stuff sprinkled throughout the juniors section. It's just not presented as nicely. Click the Read More! link to see what I couldn't resist picking up.

With her hand on my head

This purple top. Ruffle? Check. Rich color? Check. Feels good? Check. The top is actually long enough to be worn as a dress, but it threatens to cross into chocha territory with rigorous movement. You know, rigorous, like walking or sitting down.

Rag Time

This dress. Too bad I didn't pick up the matching shoes. I know all those fashionables deride matching, but I love love love it. As for this dress, it just the perfect gothic rainy day dress for me. And of course, pattern mixing! Even my boyfriend who hates the swamping muu muu dress loved it.

Christmas Prism Power

And last, also featured in this posts first image, the most comfortable shoes ever. Seriously. These beat out many a pair of flats and lower heels in the comfort area. They make my low heels feel like flats after I wear them. Plus, they're freakin cute and were freakin cheap. Score! This years Christmas shoes fo' sho'. Sorry about that. All my friends are turning gangsta and bringing me along fo' the ride.

In the name of Christmas, I will punish you. Golden Age style. Okay, maybe not.

Ivy Frozen


Anonymous said...

Glad to see a new posting :)... all the looks are really cute!

Paisley Girl said...

Nice haul! Lovely picks. But now you have me curious what the purple shirt looks like worn as a dress. LOL!

Ivy Frozen said...

Thanks you two =)

Paisley Girl, perhaps I'll photo it one day...