Tuesday, September 9, 2008


don't tell mom the babysitters dead

Do you believe in magic?

But Soft

In a young girl's heart?

Do you believe in magic

how the music can free her...

I do believe in fairies

Whenever It Starts

Hija de La Luna

and it's MAGIC


if the Music is Groovy

Time Warp

it makes you feel Happy like an old time Movie


I'll tell you 'bout the magic

Trekking Through the Wilds of Campus

It'll free your soul

Secret Spell

But it's like trying to tell a stranger

Collard Greens

about Rock and Roll...

These are two outfits that were ispired by previous outfits of mine that used some of the same pieces. This is one reason I like taking pictures of my outfits. When I'm having diffuculty with wearing a piece or I don't know what to wear one day, I can click through my old outfits and be inspired anew. It's especially usefull for the pieces you find more difficult to wear in your wardrobe.

These photos also act as a visual diary. I use them to recall details such as where I was at what date, what I did, how I was feeling, what day I mailed that, ect. I can analyze my outfits like I can a story or novel and get quite a bit of information back from them that has proved useful on several occasions. I'm not the type of person to be able to keep up a written diary. Stating the obvious to me eveyday just doesn't hold my interest; I've never been good at small talk. But a picture diary, so much packed into such a little thing, that I can do. It's different and engages me satisfactorily.

Vain is it? An interest in myself? I've noticed bloggers and people dropping out of groups like W_R because they get self-conscious and feel like they're being vain. There are those who don't even get started because they can't get over such feelings. And of course there are always those who who point their finger at those of us that do and proclaim us vain and narcissistic, despite numerous evidence supporting otherwise. It's just like the song I quoted above. Trying to explain everything that's behind these pictures is somewhat useless to someone who doesn't understand what it is. These pictures aren't "look upon my hotness/beauty/vast superiority and revel." It's about sharing, not pride or vanity. Sharing what I wore today. Sharing and accepting my curvy thighs and that they don't make me some freakish mutant who should be thrown off a cliff for not starving/medicating/carving/excessively exercising them down to half their size as fashion magazines suggest. And of course, having others share such things back with me. So we get ideas, a community, and friendship. For some, it might be about "look upon my hotness and weap for you shall never achieve it." But for the majority, it's sharing, being part of the community. Sure, it feel snice to get complements. Of course, a vain, narcissistic person would not value those complements...

Go out. Take photos of yourself and post them on the web in appropriate places. There will always be those people who just don't understand and will write the practice off as vain while simultaneously at least intimating that they are better than us, which is incidently kinda vain itself. To that, Ivy says you know why you do it and you know you're not vain. And if you were vain, than vain can't possibly be such a terrible thing to be-- don't you think?-- considering you know some pretty awesome vain people including yourself. Be vain. Be not vain. Take pictures of yourself and post them on the web. (Please no bad porn though!) Or don't. Do what's right for you!

I believe in magic, do you?

Ivy Frozen

P.S. Like my new floor? Never know that it's vinyl. And now that the floor is finally in, I can return to my sewing and hopefully actually progress. Look for the promised dress most likely this weekend to next week. & that tutorial and maybe some mini one's too.


Paisley Girl said...

Its a vinyl floor? Wow! It looks wonderful. I thought it was real wood. LOL! Well, I am glad its back in and you are able to sew again. Have fun sewing and can't wait to see what you have for us next time. Oh and is it crazy I can pick out bits of clothing you are wearing and can remember other outfits you wore those pieces with? LOL! Pretty bad, huh? LOL! Oh well. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Great post! I love your pictures :)... and the high waisted pants!

Anonymous said...

Yay! I absolutely love what you wrote about wardrobe remix. I've only just started doing mine. Initially I was scared to be critisised, but then I realised it can be imspirational to other girls. especially coming from a big chickadee like me, you know? so yes, i definitely believe in magic :))

WendyB said...

Love your look in those shorts.

Ivy Frozen said...

Thanks ladies =)

paisley girl, it's not that crazy considering I tend to wear a lot of the same pieces in close rotation.

nadine, thanks =)

i v y o l o g y, good for you! I must admit to having a special sort of love for seeing the larger ladies pst in wardrobe remix and other street style sites.

wendyb, thanks!