Sunday, September 28, 2008

New Stuffs

I finally finished stuffs.


I'm finally getting a handle on my schedule, so hopefully my sewing pace will pick back up. Completed projects include two test dresses and the long awaited first larger sized dress. Click the Read More Link! to take a look.


The first is a new, experimental design. It's made from a thrifted white sheet I dyed with RIT dye. Since it came out really plain and boring, I added felt feathers to it and some white quilt-like embroidery. I plan on adding a patch pocket, but can't decide if I should and what I should put on it. More felt feathers? Maybe just embroidery? Ribbon? Rick rack?

Frequent flyers

This one's staying with me so I can test the dye, see if it fades and/or bleeds with further washing, and so I can see how the felt feathers hold up. And also the design needs a few minor adjustments for when I make ones like these to sell. Dying stuff will allow me even greater control, which I relish. I'm a bit of a control freak when it comes to my stuff. I'd be happy if I could grow the fibers and weave the fabric myself. Unfortunately, there's not nearly enough time for me to do everything I'd like, but I can dye stuff now. Or soon I'll clear myself for that.

Belle Du Jour

This dress was inspired by the tale of Beauty and the Beast. It's made from a thrifted white sheet I dyed yellow with RIT dye. Since Belle was sweet and simple girl, I gave her a sweet halter dress with eyelet trim on the hem. She struck me as a yellow or blue girl, not just cause of the Disney version, but I imagine her sisters in pink. She though, she would go for something diffrent. I would put her blue, the old feminine color, but with the Beast, she needs yellow. Yellow/gold, brown, and black is our palette. The buttons have little lion/beast heads on them. That speck at the top of the bust is a black rosette, to represent the rose.

The Beast

I paired my new over-the-knee boots with it because they reminded me of Gaston. I know he doesn't appear in anything other than the Disney version, but I felt that our Beauty had a tough side to her. She's have to be strong to take her father's place with some crazy monster-beast thing in a creepy castle in a creepy wood far away from her home. Thus she gets boots to toughen her up a bit.

Kill the Beast Save the Man

This one may or may not be sold. Yes, I admit to falling in love with it. But the buttons are vintage, picked up at a local thrift store, and they say they are not washable and must be removed before the garment is washed or drycleaned. I'm still learning, developing, and growing Ivy Frozen Productions and figuring out what Ivy Frozen stands for. I want my clothes to be easy to care for, being a lazy launderer myself, and taking off the buttons would be a terrible annoyance. I also did make this dress with the intent of keeping it for testing reasons since this is the first time I've used the dye and need to know if it will bleed more and/or fade. Am I just rationalizing keeping it? It seems in this case though, that the whim was to sell it.


Of course, I love and want to keep all my items. It's not ready for store until I want to keep it. Hence why when their listings expire, most items will not be relisted. Instead, they'll be absorbed into my private collection. I have a few items that will be expiring in October, I think... This one will stay, since it is a test piece, and the only reason to sell it was because of my slow pace. Next dress is yours though.

The Long awaited larger sized dress:

Where the Wild Things Are

It's a size medium large and should fit about a size 6-12. (I like to use JC Penny size charts.) It's made from curtain overheady thingies. When I first saw the print, it was love. Then I made the dress, and was like, "Woah! That's A LOT of PRINT!" and freaked out a little. Then I tried it on, and it just grew on me. In the pictures, I'm completely in love with it again. I think it's good that it took a bit to grow on me. Those likes that grow tend to be everlasting, while those that are instant likes have more of a tendency to become repulsive over time. Or just as instantly disliked.

Real Wild Child

Not, the dress is too big for me, so it will look much better on someone it fits. I know some people think that if you can get the dress on and it doesn't fall off, it fits. I believe they have not found anything that perfectly fits them yet, because then they would notice the difference. Something may look decent or good on you if it fits, but if it fits perfectly, it'll be stunning. Trust me, it's just a size too big for me at its smallest. (It has shirring on the back to stretch to fit your curves.)

In the Garden of Eden

I have a ton of this fabric left, so if this isn't your size whether you need a bigger size or smaller, I can accomidate you. Also, I can make it without the shirring ont he back just to fit you. Or I can apply any other dress design I've done to it, except possible a full circle skirt. Just send me a message, and I'll be happy to work with you.

Welcome to the Jungle

I plan on making more larger sized dresses. The people have spoken, and it seems like what you want. It also seems you like nice prints, so i hope you all are pleased with this dress. I have a dress started that will be a small/medium. (Sorry! Fabric limitations!) I bought a bunch of awesome fabric from the Salvation Army and some sheets from another thrift store that will include larger dresses.

Fly Away1

And last, a hair do-dad. More felt feathers.

Fly Away2

I'm considering making these freebie with every purchase or just making them available seperately in my shop.

Fly away 3

I've hesitated to send out freebie thus far, so I don't want to send crap or items you're not interested in. I think these are nice, reflect Ivy frozen Productions, and everyone can appreciate them.

Fly Away4

I plan to put them on hair clips and maybe pins for those who have trouble with hair combs. They'll also have diffrent colors. I have a bunch of green felt right now... What do you think?

Sewing when she can,

Ivy Frozen

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Paisley Girl said...

I love everything going on in this post. The dresses are just beautiful. I wish I could do what you do. You can make art out of anything.

I like the freebie thing. I was reading up on how to start a craft business, and they suggested a freebie that linked back to your business. It could also be your business card of sorts. So I am all for the freebies and I like your idea. I think some ivy shaped stuff would be better for your namesake but other than that, I think the hair pin is lovely. And I agree about the clips. I myself would have trouble with hair pins and such, and a clip may be easier for me to use and keep in my hair.