Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Update and Shoes


Woo... I'm exhausted. I had hoped to spend labor day weekend sewing for you. Unfortunately, I had to work on my computer. It only had 12% of it's storage space left; not good for someone who's an applied computer graphics major. I also had to go out seeking supplies for those dresses. I picked up some awesome vintage buttons, which you'll see soon on a garment. I also found fabric to make my perfect coat. Well, it'll be inspired by that one anyways. I did manage to get three dresses in the works. One that should come out medium-large, as promised, derived from my cloud dress. It's a green and pink floral print that reminds me of Dr. Seuss and Where the Wild Things Are. I accidentally ended up with a lot more of the fabric than I thought, so I can make more of those in different sizes or use the fabric on another design. The other two are more experimental and thus smalls, so I can fully test them out. Sorry guys! Working on my fall sorta-collection, which when stabalized, will include more larger sized dresses. I'll probably still put out summer dresses though since they're so versatile. And speaking of summer, I managed to form a tutorial out of my video for the romper. I'll get it uploaded to youtube soon. So, what shall we talk about today? How about shoes. Click the Read More! link if you love shoes.

I'm so happy I managed to snag these for a dollar at what is now known as and shall be for all time (or until they raise their prices) known as the GOOD Salvation Army. My town has three or four separate storefronts of this secondhand chain, each of them unique. But I'm happy I found these shoes, not only because they are the comfort, mid-heeled sort of sandle I adore, but because I've been drooling over these:

Hard to beleive they're renaissance fair shoes. They'd be awesome over tights. On the other hand,

Argyle! I mean err, there are these. I love how these shoes lace up the front. They'd be magnificent over a pair of tights. Oh, how I wish I wasn't reduced to the most abject poverty by school fees and supplies. I better get sewing...

Buy a dress and feed an overly-dramatic Ivy,

Ivy Frozen


Anonymous said...

I love the last pair of shoes... really nice!

Shay said...

those shoes are fantastic, I can imagine all the ways to style them.

Paisley Girl said...

Oh those shoes are so wonderful. And only a dollar?!? Serious score right there. I could see them with tights. Very nice. And I so wish I could buy a dress from you, but my figure is a bit more ample than the dress would allow. ;-) But I will drool until the day I can buy...hopefully one day soon. And the stuff you have planned sounds so interesting. Can't wait for pictures.

Ivy Frozen said...

Thanks ladies =)

& paisley girl, I hope to change that soon=)