Wednesday, September 17, 2008


shoes 3


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Like mother like daughter, I suppose. My three loves are shoes, dresses, and hats. And socks. And belts. And short shorts. But, anywho I come home and find the little dumpling sleeping in my shoes. She does love shoes though. Everytime someone comes over, she always investigates their shoes. At my parents house, first thing she does is investigate all the shoes by the front door. She's a little snobbier than I am though; if she doesn't like someone's shoes she won't talk to them. Ditto for allowing them to pet her. My shoes are very hard to live up to. She talks to few people besides me.

I got free money, so what do I do? I buy myself these. It was a choice between those and this jacket. They're just the perfect over the knee boot. I've been wanted a round toe flat-ish over the knee boot for a while now. They should keep me warm when the cold weather finally shows itself. The jacket was perfect and then I saw it in person. It's a nice faux leather, but it has these pepto bismal colored fades in it that I'm having trouble getting over. They aren't particularly prominent, but it's pepto bismal colored. I talked myself out of the jacket for now and opted for the boots instead. I'm also buying something off etsy after I put the check in the bank. That purchase will warrent a post of its own.

shoes word


Let's get some shoes,
Ivy Frozen and Twinkle too

P.S. You can see the dress I've promised you all I'm working on in the first and last photos, the green pink and blue. That one's a larger size.


Anonymous said...

The cat looks so cute lying within all the shoes!

Paisley Girl said...

Twinkle has got wonderful taste in shoes. LOL! And can't wait to see the dress. The fabric looks so pretty.

Ivy Frozen said...

Thanks =)

nadine, Twinkly's a cutie who likes to sleep in odd places in odd positions...

paisley girl, indeed, she does, though honestly she really loves sweaty, smelly feet...