Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Of Link Lists and Dresses

make like the 30s when it's in the 70s

I finally managed to get my links updated! Just waiting for my cookie now. The written instructions for the bubble dress tutorial are coming as soon as I find a suitable sheet, hopefully I can pick one up this weekend. And, I finally got that lemon-limey striped goodness listed. I did a full circle skirt for my sister about the same length as the one on the striped dress and the calculated hem of that one was over 13 feet, over twice my height. And circle skirts are such a pain to hem, since the hem is circular and not straight. Everytime I hem one, I vow never to make one again. Unfortunately, I'm rather enamored of them and their perfect movement. Click the Read More Link! to view a preview of the projects I'm working on now.


This dress and hat are next on my list. The dress has of course a full circle skirt. I look forward to hemming the litttle demon.

Floral Halter 2

And if I have enough of the fabric left over, I hope to concoct this little number, which will also have a full circle skirt.

Sew excited,

Ivy Frozen

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