Friday, August 15, 2008

The Dresses are Coming!

Forbidden Planet

I promised you new dresses this week. Camera and photography problems (mainly the fact that I live in a place with the worst light ever!) kept me from bringing you the images on Wednesday. But, I have overcome the issues by basically taking all the mobile lights in my house to my kitchen/dining room area and shining them on me with the windows open to let sunlight in and still finding the pictures coming out a bit dark. Anyways, click the Read More! link to take a look at what I've been working on for you.

fairy storm front

I made two of these one for me and one for you. The one I made for me is the original, so I could work out the pattern. I have to finish the adjustments on mine. They're made from fabric that DeSamothrace didn't want and thus kindly offered to members of the Diyscene forum for the price of shipping.

In the Garden of Eden back

I didn't coudn't scrounge up enough of the fabric to make the straps wide enough on the store one, so I used blue cotton I had left over from a costume to line the straps. I originally had wanted to use the blue cotton on the dress in some way, but was scared the blue was too dark to to interact well with the blue flowers. I was right and I was wrong, and adore the blue fabric there.

fairy storm belt it

Both dresses feature a contour bust top, some ruching on the bust, and a full circle skirt.

racing stripes front no belt

This one was concocted out of the fabric left over from the sheet I used to make this dress. Unlike that dress, this one has a full skirt gathered with pleats at the waist to make those vertical stripes look amazing. I made a big collar panel petal thingies for the bust which help make the bust appear larger and help bring attention up to the face.

Racing stripes half slip

Since the fabric is sheer, the top is lined to keep a little mystery to yourself. I used a cream lining fabric and with white lining fabric on the side panels for a visually pleasing inside. The dress comes with a seperate half-slip I made for the skirt. That way you can wear a crinoline if you want and you can also use the half-slip for other things.

racing stripes wheres yo head at

I just love this dress with a belt at the waist. The belt curves so lovely over the side and the skirt flares just right for a sexy hourglass silhouette. You can see it a bit in this photo and the one at the top.

Right now I'm at work on a dress made of cloud fabric. It's like this dress; the same brilliant blue but clouds instead of polka dots. I also found ivy leaf sheets so I can make myself a signature ivy dress to wear out to events etc. & I've got a hat made for the shop, and a romper planned with ladybugs on it, and well, lot's of stuff coming up. Stay tuned, my lovlies!

And you are all lovly. I know,
Ivy Frozen


The Seeker said...

Lovely dresses indeed, very summer ;)


Ivy Frozen said...

Thanks =)