Monday, July 20, 2009

Is it Wrong?

Is it wrong that I like to look at the shoes on costume sites? Is it wrong that I desire many of the shoes to wear everyday, not in costume? Is it wrong that I feel that way about some of the actual costumes too? Although with costumes it's usually a piece or two from it, since costumes are usually made poorly with terrible materials and fit.

And here is the rest of it. x

Bordello is an offshoot line from Pleaser, designed to appeal to Burlesque performers and pin up girls. I pretty much love the whole line, but here's a few of my favorites.







I couldn't resist and bought the Bordello- Whimsey boots in red. They are the most perfect boots ever. Apparenty, the style is similar to the pair Violet wore in the A Series of Unfortunate Events movie. Violet has good taste. Unfortunately, it is etirely too hot to wear them out. So hot, everything's falling apart and melting around here. So hot, even I don't want to put on a dress and would rather walk everywhere in a bikini. It is hot. Look for them this fall.

Ivy has good taste too, or so she thinks,

Ivy Frozen


TinyBee said...

It's not wrong! Because I do the same thing! I have a passion for shoes and love the ones you bought. Also love the movie and Violets outfit in that!

Shay said...

not wrong at all! Those boots are wicked awesome.

Chelle said...

Oh I see nothing wrong with that. I feel the same way. Those shoes are very fashionable and I'd want to wear them on an everyday status myself. Can't wait to see your boots when it cools off.

BeesKnees said...

I just bought some shoes similar to that in style at least from the thrift store today. They only go to the ankle though. I'd love to have those though in all colors:-)

Cindy said...

i would be all over those shoes in seconds. [:

Sabrina Y. Bird said...

Look what I found: Jeffrey Campbell has a version of the Whimsey boot. If only it wasn't so expensive.

Ivy Frozen said...

Thanks everyone for your support! especially since with Halloween around the corner, I'm eying all sorts of costumes I'd wear out when it's not halloween, if they were a little longer...

Sabrina, they have versions of them everywhere now it seems, long after I bougth mine. Here's a cheaper version:

Unfortunately, that site is a pain in the butt to deal with.