Wednesday, October 14, 2009

LBD Contest--Ended; Winner Announced 10/31


Yay! It's here! Win a little black dress made by me. But since it is made by me, you know there has to be some twist to it, not just an ordinary LBD. Click the Read More Link! to find out more about it and how to win it.

As I mentioned before, black is a tough color for me since it's a very pedestrian color. When I design my clothes, I want stuff that you can't find in stores. Pretty much any woman's clothing store has a LBD. Plus, I'm terribly girly and romantic. Black is the color of mourning. And, it's a safe color. And I associate it with Audrey Hepburn and Coco Chanel, figures I associate with the boring "chic look", that makes fashion work instead of fun.

But, I decided all that isn't necessarily bad stuff. Black is a safe color, which is what makes it so versatyle. When I design clothes, I also consider that. I want my clothes to be able to have lots of wear. Plus, I can't say that I wouldn't like to channel an Audrey look or two, and Uncle Karl put out those awesome thigh high boots a few seasons ago.

So, without further ado, I present my vision of little black dress.


But, it's not actually a dress...

lbd back

It's a skirt.

lbd skirt

With inseam pockets.
pockets take 2

Good size pockets.


A skirt holds its shape well even with something relatively heavy in its pockets.

lbd skirt 3 pockets

And, it's a top.


A fairly plain top.

giraffe skirt

But, it takes decoration well.

Beauty and the beast skirt

And the zipper opens all the way, like a jacket.

giraffe skirt back

It's made out of cotton, so it's a great base for diy, if you'd like to add your own permanent decorations. I left the neckline plain so blouses could be layered beneath or you could use a vintage collar. And you can always mix and match the top and bottom to your delight.


So, how do you win it?

I'm a curious little thing so, Show me how you'd wear it. An image is required. You could use polyvore or any image editing program. Send me the image (or a link) and I'll post them up on the blog in the order they're received. I've included some quickly photoshopped images for you to use. You can use the top, skirt, or both. You may use any of my images of them and photoshop them to illustrate who you'd wear it. You can also use none of my images and draw something to illustrate it. Whatever. Just show me how you would wear it. A short text elaboration on your entry is encouraged, but keep it short and to the point.

In two weeks, October 28th, I'll use google to find an online random number picker to select a winner. The folks who entered the FAILED contest will be entered in this draw as well if they comment again, since I can't find an e-mail for most of you. Just let me know you entered before for a bonus entry. Everyone else only gets one entry, so make it good.

But wait! There's more!

If there are a lot of entries, I will give away a second LBD to the set I like the best. Or even if there aren't a lot of entries, I may award a set I find outstanding. In other words, I reserve the right to add more prizes if I feel like it. So it's a good idea to spread the word about this little contest. It's also a good idea to do a good job on your entry.

When I receive the first entry, I'll start a post that will be updated with each entry as I receive it, so you'll know I got your entry and what your number is. I'll also try to reply to your e-mails.


More Details...

The set will be custom made to fit your measurements. I will ship internationally, though you're responsible for any customs fees etc. I'm not adverse to certain customization options. If you win and would like something in the set changed, ask. It may cost extra or it may not.

Post questions or comments about the contest on this blog entry, and check it for replies. Similarly, if you have a question, check the comments to see if it was answered. That way, I won't have to answer the same question many times.

At the end of the contest, I'll post the set up in my shop so you can buy it if you love it.

So what you waiting for? Enter Now!

Handmade by me with love, care, and possibly a swear,

Ivy Frozen


Anonymous said...

I tried to email you my entry but the email addy is not working. Do you have another?


Ivy Frozen said...

m3g0ra, I do. Try . If that one doesn't work for you either, you can post a link to your entry in the comments for the entry post.

Hope that helps,

Ivy Frozen

BeesKnees said...

Please enter me again! I signed up for the original LBD contest under "creed" (NOT named after the band haha)...Can i just be thrown in there again since photoshopping and me do not mix:-)

I'd much rather have your creation than the one from CDT anyway. On that note please post more of your work I love seeing what you come up with.

Do you need my e-mail I'm not sure how this works. Thanks!!!

Ivy Frozen said...

No problem, BeesKnees. I do need an e-mail from you though. Just send me an e-mail at


and let me know you're BeesKnees just sending me your e-mail add for the contest.


Ivy Frozen

P.S. Another omnibus post of my creations to come soon =)