Wednesday, October 21, 2009

En Trees--Closed

lbd skirt 4 pockets

The entries for my LBD contest are after the jump. This post will be updated as entries come in, so you can all see the competition, er, entries and know what your number is for the random number generater-draw-thing. If you decide you want to change your entry, you may up until the deadline. And you may want to check on your entry to be sure you sent me the right file etc.

*NOTE* Allow a day or two for your entry to appear here.

So basically if i were 2 win I would wear both pieces at the same time with a pair of purple faux suede ankle boots, a purple belt and if its cold enough a purple beret! Considering i'm only a student and becoz i've pretty much used alot of purple, i would accompany the ensemble with a black leather backpack/purse, some pearl stud earrings to keep with the classic style the dress radiates, a pearl necklace as well as pink lips and purple eye makeup!

#1 Cypriotchick

On the left is the skirt. I would pair it with a green tank and a turquoise cardigan. (to pick up the green hues in the cardigan) Under the skirt I would wear green tights under a pair of fishnet tights. The necklace depicted is an old locket that was my grandmother's to throw in a little vintage flair.

On the right is the top. I love the sophistication of a tailored sleeveless top. I would wear it tucked into a pencil skirt with a fun, floral print (although my drawing skills leave something to be desired). To add more color, I would wear a coordinating bracelet of some sort.

#2 Nicki

So why I chose the looks (provided in the attatchments) are because they
are very close to my personal style, and The dress just fits right in to
what I would normally wear so easy.

The day look, which has the waistcoat and shirt is perfect for work or
college and still has a little puch with the hat/lace-up waist coat, and
I love oxford style shoes.

The night look is my own way of using a splash of colour with the bright
red shoes and Bow. I don't think too many accessories would work well with
that look and I think it'd be a perfect look for a christmas party, and I
love heels with a big platform (and my glasses).

#3 Megan

#4 BeesKnees

Ok so the pieces I've added to your wonderful creations are items I already own. I decided to draw them instead of pasting a bunch of photos together. Forgive me the colors didn't turn out well because I used markers, couldn't find color pencils.

For the outfit on the left I paired your skirt with a royal purple top with sleeves that are shirred down the middle from the shoulder to the arm. For jewelry I added a silver necklace that is just a bunch of circles linked together with chains. Shoes are faux suede wedge heels that have a bow on the front.

For the outfit on the right I paired your top with a powder blue pleated skirt that has beaded designs and horizontal pleats near the bottom. Added is a black fitted jacket with black and blue pinstripes, black heels with little bows and blue stitching, and some silvery white flower chained hoop earrings and matching bracelet.

#5 Kim

May Lady Luck be with you; winner will be announced on Halloween,

Ivy Frozen


BeesKnees said...

Where did you get those lavender heels in the first pic?? LOVE them.

Ivy Frozen said...

Thanks =) I got them from newport news.

The ruffled mary jane pump in blush.

Danielle said...

super cute shoes! and the rest too.