Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pandora's Aquarium

ink tattoo

Alright darlings. I have been away from you for awhile and I have tons of stuff to show you. So, I'll start off with an omnibus presentation of the pics I've taken. Most of these are of new dresses I made, and should give you an idea of what I'm thinking about for Spring for the shop. Some of them will be available in store as custom orders, and others are merely new shapes and such you'll see popping up in my designs. It might not officially be Spring yet, but it is Spring semester, and I've taken as much advantage as a can and have been dressing as Springy as I'm able. It seems I have been thinking pink and pastels and nude this year. And, Pandora's Aquarium. Click the Read More! link to view the onslaught.

102 Dalmatians

der ring der nibelungen
Pandora's Aquarium

goldan eye

she dives for shells

Springtime for Vader and the Sith force

with her Nautical Nuns


and thoughts

spring butterflies

you thought

princess butterfly all grown up

you'd ...

gotta catch them all
never tell ...

Cerelia Damara

I'm not asking you to believe in me.

Gold Finger

Boy, I think you're confused

I'm not Persephone

I'm Not Persephone

Rosie the riviter

Foam can be dangerous

take a bow

with tape across my mouth


These things you do


I never asked you how


line me up in single file

Boy I think youre confused

with all your Grievances

The Window


I choose you, Pikachu

but I can taste you're still

The Birth of Venus

ALIVE below the waste

I'm the queen

ripples come

girl disappearing

and ripples go


and ripple back to me

quite proud of her badge

back to me

The Butterflies


Peace Garden

Pandora's aquarium

gold encompass

she dives for shells

she sells seashells by the seashore

with her nautical nuns

Still Coming Out of the Cell in my Brain

and thoughts you thought

Like no one ever was


Nancy Drew

never tell ...

mystery science theatre
line me up in single file

Butter Flies

with all your grievances



clara bow

but I can TASTE you're still

Opus Magnum

ALIVE below the waste

golden compass

ripples come

Does this dress make my butt look big?

and ripples go


and ripple back to me

101 dalmatians

I am not asking you

kid tested mimi approved

to believe in me

I wanna be the very best

BOY, I think you're confused

der exozist


street style

she's in New York somewhere


checking her accounts


the Lord of the Flies was DIAGNOSED


as Sound

Pictures by me, lyrics by Tori Amos. As always, click on the pictures to be carried to my flickr where the outfit details are.

Diving for shells with her nautical nuns,

Ivy Frozen

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Paisley Girl said...

So, so, so, so cool. I love them all. The pink one with the butterflies and the white one with pink trim make me think of Lolita clothing. So pretty. I must look at your Flickr to see more details about your dresses. Welcome back to the world of blog. Your posts were missed. Love them all, and it makes me think Spring is here already.