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Rose Tea

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On Sunday January 22nd, a group of local lolitas met up for tea at Rose Tea in San Francisco. Click the read more link for a write up of the meet and a review of the tea house.

It was Rainy

It was raining off and on. The Rose Tea Lounge is located near Golden Gate Park on Irving Street in San Francisco. It's kind of a steep, hilly area, and it was difficult to find parking. Two members of the group spent an hour and a half trying to find parking, and missed much of the tea. My group managed to arrive early and find parking in a small nearby lot.

Parking: 2/5

The Food

While we waited for guests to arrive, a small feast was laid out. There was plenty of food for all, including things I liked. I'm a very picky eater who doesn't really like fancy, complicated food, so that's a big plus for me. There was plenty left over, so even the people who arrived late didn't miss out on choices.

Amount and Variety of Food: 5/5

Rose Tea

Even though I was in it for the fruit, I found myself enjoying the treats as well. I especially enjoyed the coconut cookies dipped in chocolate and the almond tarts. I was informed by others that the sandwiches tasted good and were filling. There wasn't a complaint about any of the food.

Food: 4/5

Rose Tea

Unfortunately, considering they're a tea house, the tea wasn't particularly good. It was kind of weak, an not flavorful enough. I was glad that I ordered a cup of hot cocoa, which was good. We tried their cherry tea and their apple cider tea. It smelled really good but failed to deliver.

Tea: 2/5

Rose Tea

Everyone mingled really well. It seemed no one was left out, as can sometimes happen at meet ups when people just stick to the people they know. The teahouse was comfortable, not too hot, not too cold, and smelled of flowers since they also sold flowers. It was nicely decorated, but the floors and ceiling were left out.

Atmosphere: 4/5

Figuring Out Group Photo

After eating, it was time for photos!

group shot 2

The ladies all got together for a group picture, while the menfolk obeidiently took photos. The shop staff also were very excited to take photos too!

Rose Tea

Shoe flower!

Rose Tea

Then individual shots. Everyone was really shy for some reason, so I went first. I wore my Cars and Guitars dress. It was inspired by Angelic Pretty's Classic Melody jsk, Heather Ross's wonderful print, and Tori Amos's song Cars and Guitars. I made it quickly for her concert in Oakland back in December. I paired it with Angelic Pretty's Melody Doll piano bag in white for the concert, but took my new pink violin bag for the tea party. My shoes are from and decorated with a shoe clip off a pair of Baby the Stars Shine Bright shoes and a pair of guitarr earrings from clairs. The headband was made by me. The necklace is from Alice and the Pirates.

Rose Tea

A lovely couple. I actually do know everyone's first names, but I don't wish to reveal them to the internet. The gentleman is in mostly black peace now I believe, and the lady is wearing black peace now boots. Her dress and headbow looks to be from either baby the stars shine bright or angelic pretty.

Rose Tea

Our lovely hostess! She's wearing baby the stars shine bright starry sky of mother goose print skirt.

Rose Tea

My new best friend! Naw, really. I'm not sure what she's wearing, but it looks super cute.

Rose Tea

Angelic Pretty's Suger Hearts Twins!

Rose Tea

This girl shall forever be known n my head as nutella. She's in Alice and the Pirate's Melty Mermaid op.

Rose Tea

This girl is looking sweet in Metamorphose's Twinkle Journey Jsk.

Rose Tea

She's wearing a bow print from Angelic Pretty expertly coordinated with some pink with white polka dotted shoes from Baby the Stars Shine Bright.

Rose Tea

This young lady looks to be wearing Angel's Whisper in the Holy Night JSK from Baby the stars shine bright and making it look amazing.

Rose Tea

My honey pilfering blueberries and looking dashing in his first brand purchase, a black piece now tie. I love it with that shirt!

After photos came the awkward moment when the bill was sorted out. Even though only 14 people showed, the reservation was for 17. We had to pay for 15 people, which I guess was the minimum for our package. The staff were very friendly and good at allowing substitutions to the menu, such as the hot chocolate for me at no extra cost. They also had a piano player who played in the afternoon. They could sometimes be hard to track down and weren't the most attentive to our party.

Tea House Service: 4/5

Overall, the meet was a success and a lot of fun. I give the teahouse a 3.5/5. The food was good, the atmosphere was nice, the staff was friendly, and the food was good; however, parking could be a nightmare and the tea could be better.

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