Friday, October 31, 2008

Oh noes!

luna oh noes!




Luna the shoes

You guys thought it was something serious, didn't you?

luna peace

This Halloween I am Luna--the black cat from Sailor Moon-- in her humanoid form. I made the costume myself on Wednesday. They were out of black tulle so I had to use tulle circles from the bridal section. Also, since I did it so last minute I didn't have time to make her necklace or earrings. Maybe I'll make them for next year's conventions. It's not like I hobnobbing with serious cosplayers who will force you to commit ritual suicide for not having everything perfectly accurate. The dress could be more accurate too-- I messed up on the bodice-- but overall I'm pleased with the costume, especially since I made it so last minute.

The underskirt was ripped out of another dress that I've had for over a year now and never worn. Maybe I'll wear it soon...

The shoes were also diffucult to get. In most pictures, she has no shoes, but I saw one photo where she had on some strappy black sandles like I'm sporting. I found these almost new Chinese Laundry shoes at the local Salvation Army. They were probably one worn once for a prom or something. I found them on a Saturday, but they weren't priced and the manager wasn't there, so I had to go back Monday and hope they were still there. Monday I have class all day until eight though, so I went back Tuesday. Miraculously, they were still there! But unpriced... I tookk them to the counter, prepared to have to rip someone one, but I guess the manager was managing the register. She gave them to me for $5. Score!


Luna is actually the first character I wanted to cosplay. On Halloween, I hate all the sexy costumes. Especially the ones with random cut outs that make no sense whatsoever. As such, I've avoided even my childhood hero Princess Jasmine because of the whole midriff thing. I might just do her next year though, since her costume makes sense and I love her so. Luna, though, is another childhood favorite of mine. I never really had a favorite among the inner senshi; Sailor Saturn and Sailro Neptune are my favorite scouts. I also took to the villains, but not the inner senshi. The only one I could name as a favorite among them would be Luna. In the anime, she only turns into her human form in the Sailor Moon S movie. It's the best Sailor Moon movie, although Sailor Moon R is so hilariously bad that it's good. The Sailor Moon S movie is also th eonly Sailor Moon movie featuring a story from the manga, whch explains a lot. It's a touching story that develops the cats, Luna and Artemis alot, though mostly Luna. Throughout most the series, she's just the wise character guiding all the rest of our heroes. In the American dub, she's portrayed as much older than the other characters, a bit of a mom or aunt role. In the Japanese version, they make it clearer that she's about the same age as the inner sailor senshi, as she is in the manga. In the movie, Luna falls in love with a human man who takes care of her when she's sick. I won't say more though to avoid any spoilers for those who haven't seen it. It's one of my favorite movies.

In the manga, Luna also turns into her human form to fight one of the evil Sailor Galaxia's underlings who happens to be from the same planet as Luna.

Alright, that's it for now kittens. Have a happy and safe Halloween! Watch out for edibles made in China.

Luna Halloween

Ivy Frozen


Paisley Girl said...

LOL! Love it! And ok, when I first saw your blog I was thinking "She looks familiar" and it suddenly hit me that you look kind of like my younger sister. I showed my sister you and she was shocked at how you two looked similar. But now this is freaky. You both like the same princess, and she loved Sailor Moon and I believe she has all those movies you mentioned. And I believe she liked the same characters. LOL! A bit creepy. LOL! I am going to have to show you a picture of her one day and see what you think. Perhaps doppelgangers? LOL!

And as for Luna in her human form, you did such a good job at it. Very cute. Its funny, I agree with you in the American version of the anime she seemed older. I know I read some of the manga but don't really remember her character much. But I am guessing from what you said she is about the same age as the scouts. Well in the live action version, she's a kid, like Rini age. If you have not seen the live action version, you simply have to. I saw it on CrunchyRoll but it may have been taken down since then due the copyright. But if you can find it, you've got to watch it.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh I love love love Luna... she was one of my favourite characters from sailor moon and you did the costume so well!

Ivy Frozen said...

paisley girl, now you've got me all excited. A doppelganger? I saw a girl who looked like me once on a daytime talk show on unmanageable hair. She looked exactly like me. That was a while ago.

nadine, thanks! =)

artist_writer said...

Okay, I've been watching your blog for only a few days, but I already admire your style. I am in awe of your awesomeness.

Keep going!

A glance at my world said...

Adorable dress!